ZEN training evening with Qigong and Shindo


Less stress, more energy!


You are welcome to join QiFlow’s relaxing, peaceful training, where you can nurture your body, mind, and soul. We start the evening with ancient Chinese Qigong practice and continue with Shindo stretching exercises.

These exercises are suitable for everybody, we listen to our body and we move with relaxation. We start where we are, we move in our rhythm. We meet on Sundays to let set us free from last week’s stress and worries and make room for happy new experiences.


Time and date

You are welcome to join Qiflow trainings on Sundays at 4.45 pm – 6.15 pm

Training studio

TAO Center (Rotermanni 2, Tallinn, Estonia)


You can park in Nautica Center’s car park, or find a free spot in the downtown area.

Investment to your wellbeing

12 EUR per class or 40 EUR per month

You can pay in cash or to our bank account: Loovuskohvik OÜ  EE937700771005232610

Mida selga panna/kaasa võtta?

Please dress comfortably, so that you can stretch and do exercises. You can be barefoot or in socks. There are dressing rooms in Tao center.

You don’t need to bring your own training mat. There is also water and tea. So just bring comfortable clothes and a good mood:)

Want to try right now? Here is a free video, enjoy!

Want to try right now? Here is a free video, enjoy!

Feedback from participants

I discovered Jaana's sessions by accident - or was it? No, I was called there. I was having a lot of problems with anxiety and self-doubt. Her warmth and welcoming energy had an instantaneously calming effect. She is thorough and knowledgeable, as well as compassionate and patient, demonstrating the moves clearly and being very encouraging. She also provides wonderful ongoing commentary on what the moves mean and how we benefit from them. Most of all, she has an uncanny ability to 'predict' what you most need - because each session that she had planned was addressing a need I strongly had inside me, e.g. the need for sleep, the need for increased self-confidence, the need for cleansing of trapped negative energy. I highly recommend her practice, her soul will meet your soul and offer comfort, growth, release and inspiration.




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